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K A M P F A N S A G E   I N T E R P R E T A T I O N

directors interpretation

A film like Kampfansage should not be interpreted. I never expected it to be and don't think it necessary. The film doesn't have a message or any particular meaning.

Most viewers weren't disturbed by this. In fact, they were happy to be just entertained, Our aim was to show a good fight with lots of action, not to bog things down with a heavy storyline.

Of course we were criticized with our choice of adrenaline over mind, but that's part of the film industry. Any good film needs structure, even a film like Kampfansage be it a feature or a short.

For anyone who is searching for more insight concerning my motivation, here's my analysis of Kampfansage.

One of most, or maybe the most important element is the title Kampfansage itself. It surmises the message I want to get across: Kampfansage represents the beginning. Kampfansage is my, or rather our, first action / fight film. We are convinced that it is one of the first, when not the first German martial-arts film. Martial-arts is not just an element in the backdrop but the heart of the film.

Secondly, the frame (and I am not talking about the storyline) plays an important role in understanding Kampfansage. What actually happens? Three young men just hanging out on the sofa watching a video, a Kung-Fu flick of course. We turn to the martial-arts sequence. When we get back to the sofa we see that the three have fallen asleep. The tape is over and the television screen is covered in snow. Could it be just a dream? No, that would make it much too simple.

Kampfansage's frame is the past, an autobiography. We see three friends watching their favorite movie and at the same time they're dreaming about being able to one day actually to take part in it. Today is the day. Kampfansage turns their dreams into reality. It's like a multidimensional Dahli staircase: three young men have been given the chance to look into their future from the perspective of the past and at the same time, the future has become their present.

Let the fight begin...

Johannes Jaeger

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