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18.06.2009 20:19 // Good news and bad news
Frist, the good news: every Tuesday at 20:15 h, RTL shows „Lasko“, the brand new series starring Mathis Landwehr! But with this, there comes some bad news: Action Concept decided, to cut its support for this homepage, so we have to shut down this page soon. But don't worry, we wont abandon Right now, we are searching for a new concept which hopefully will not take too much time.
Meanwhile, thank you all for your big support, you made Kampfansage happen!

Author: Tobias Hartmann
2.05.2007 22:25 // Challenge on TV
On the 12th of Mai the Challenge will be shown on the german network RTL. Begin: 10:15 pm

Author: Johannes Jaeger
13.11.2006 11:04 // Dark Side Con
On the 25-26 of November Mathis and I will take part in the Darksidecon in Bottrop, Germany. For info visit their homepage.

Author: Johannes Jaeger
17.10.2006 20:06 // The BiG Trick˛
Mathis Landwehr is jury-member of the acrobatics-event "The BiG Trick 2" on Oct, 21nd in Cologne.
If you like acrobatics, don't miss this event!

Link: The BiG Trick˛

Author: Tobias Hartmann
18.05.2006 23:45 // The making of Kampfansage
You can download one chapter of the making of Kampfansage from German Kungfu.


Author: Johannes Jaeger
12.05.2006 17:27 // DVD for sale
The german DVD is released for sale. It features great bonus material and has the best picture and audio quality avaible. If you want to buy one, contact us.

Link: Buy Kampfansage at
Link: Get the German DVD

Author: Johannes Jaeger
9.05.2006 10:05 // DVD-Release
Get your ticket for the screening at the Ambo cinema in Stuttgart! For more info, click the link below.

Link: Ticket-Info

Author: Tobias Hartmann
2.05.2006 23:32 // DVD-Release
At the 11th of May we celebrate the release of the dvd for sale with a screening of Kampfansage at the Ambo cinema in Stuttgart.

Author: Johannes Jaeger
24.04.2006 18:12 // Kampfansage in Dortmund
At the 27th of April you can watch Kampfansage at the Uni Film Club in Dortmund. Audition Room 1, Emil-Figge-Str. 50.

Author: Johannes Jaeger
7.04.2006 21:36 // Rental-DVD
Today starts the Rental-DVD of Kampfansage in Germany.

Author: Johannes Jaeger
Der Weg von den Kampfansage-Kurzfilmen zu "Kampfansage - Der letzte Schüer"

Hintergrundberichte aus der Vorbereitungszeit
C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T
Kampfansage - The Movie

In cooperation with actionconcept we have started production of the feature film "Kampfansage". You will find the latest news on our brand new "Kampfansage - The Movie" homepage. More material coming soon - the battle has just begun...


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